Monday, November 9, 2009

On the Verge of Collapse

So I'm sitting back waiting for the world to collapse
thinking about the wars in afghanistan and Iraq.
Why cant we subtract all of the troops?
I don't think the middle east needs more boots.
The chickens flown the coop, nobody believes,
in US military plans and economic schemes.
And the market economy's totally inflated
and we can't even get a fair health care plan for the nation.
A third of the country lives in poverty,
while criminal ceos commit federal robbery.
In a place where the streets are run by gangs,
and nobody really cares if you want to make a change.
Very strange days in the land of the free,
trying to figure out who I want to be.
When will it change i really dont know,
its just that this is the place i call my home....