Monday, March 16, 2009

The "Richest" Country in the World


The CIA recently published a list of the current account balances of 163 countries from highest to lowest. China, Japan and Germany respectively, are the countries with the highest account balances. Although this is not the surprising part of the list. The country that is listed at 163 is often regarded as the most powerful military and economic power the world. However, this country has a current account balance of $ -747,100,000,000, and no that is not a typo. I am of course referring to the United States of America. How can we hope to improve the state of domestic affairs and tackle issues such as education, healthcare, and poverty while being in hundreds of billions of dollars in debt? How are we even able to still fund our current military escapades in Iraq and Afghanistan with this kind of deficit? I think it is time we took a long hard look at the state of American politics, because something needs to be done. I don't feel that the current political candidates are effectively bringing to light the financial crisis our government is in, and if this problem is not dealt with soon the consequences will likely be uncontrollable.

CIA Ranking of Nations according to account balance:

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