Wednesday, May 5, 2010

IMF and World Bank Plan Austerity For All

Below is posted an article on protests in Greece.

The measures being implemented by the central bank of Greece, the government, at the benefit of large international financial institutions, must, due to systemic contradictions, be implemented all over the world.

That is the logic of The Downturn.

The IMF and World Bank plan on downgrading credit scores of major first world nations, such as the United States and Britain, as well as countries across the E.U.

Greece is a protectorate, without sovereignty.

The United States can expect a further collapse of the economy due to crippling debt and mal-investment. There is no sane debate regarding ways to redirect technology and capital in order to become the pre-eminent producer of any ideal good. As Buffet said, we can expect to become a nation of sharecroppers. This will, effectively, take away US economic sovereignty.

Considering Canada produces most of our weaponry, can we argue that we have sovereignty now? Even without the ability of weapon production??

Restructuring and austerity by IMF and World Bank are well-documented. They are headed for the US, and that is why American's are being blamed for acts of terrorism. Resistance is expected, as should be a police state.

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