Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reaganomics of Resistance

The Reaganomics of resistance. To some, this turn of phrase rings oddly to the ears. For others, it seems an honest submission to debate about how to change civilization for fairer. Reaganomics assumes that market makers create the conditions, in which humanity lives. By investing money in certain sectors, the capstone income earners create the markets, in which most people work and earn money. I think most well-learned men , no matter the source, would agree with this.

Within the resistance movement, there exists classes just as their does in society. From millionaires to recent college graduates, the latter of whom exist at net worths in the red, individuals have taken it on themselves to inform their brothers and sisters.

A contradiction inherent to this model, unfortunately, is that the allocations of wealth are concentrated among the older and more established people. Therefore, upstarts, and even some well-established truthers, have difficulties, not only breaking into the movement in online journalism and analog self-organization, but even finding the time to prepare contributions or a business plan, since a vast majority of the the youth (and many adults, of course) have to work more than full-time to try and gain some semblance of financial sustainability, and, they hope, an eventual financial independence, though i doubt such a thing exists.

Innumerable are those who seek to enlighten. From a diverse array of backgrounds they emerge, contributing daily tiny actions friendly to peace and decentralization--lawyers, Professors, graduates, students and well-rounded people everywhere. The material, out of which the peace patriots (those in favor of truth, peace and decentralization) are crafted, is indeed diverse. But, a considerable amount of this economic volume lies among few individuals.

This is not a call to a socialist re-organization of the peace and decentralization movements. This is a call for a broad investment program, in which people with insights and skills are made available to the peace patriots, who constitute a broad-base and diverse opposition movement to the historically-rooted status quo.

In some ways, the concept is reminiscent of the New Deal initiatives enacted under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, although instead of creating organizations, it turns individuals into one-man-or-woman NGO's, to put it coldly.

The subsidies need not be great, for the results to prove historical. Individuals from all neighborhoods of society have great capacity to affect change.

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