Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Everything & Begin Anew

A constant motif of the Occupy movement is that there is elite’s money in “our government.” But, what Occupiers must comprehend is that there is no such thing—and never was—as “their government.” For ages governments, referred to oft as States, have been used as a tool of submission and domination by ruling classes. States, no matter how small, have served elite interests against populist needs. That’s the way it’s always been.

And so therefore, it is trite for any populist movement on any continent, in any country, to call upon a government to regulate the managers of the global economy. Populist reform and regulation of ruling classes is not what governments are designed to do. They protect ruling classes. Many protestors are calling on the government to regulate the ruling class through taxes and laws.

In the event new legislation is passed and new taxes collected, Occupiers would be ignorant and weak-minded to believe that this wealth would be redistributed to actually improve the plight of the poor. What would happen, contrarily, is that the government would eagerly tax millions who make an honest, albeit privileged, living, and then use the newly generated wealth for its own largesse—for aggressive wars, general imperialism and self-rewarding corruption—as well as for welfare to the illuminist corporate and banking establishment.

The State steals money and gives it to those who have fought for control over society and culture for millennia. This culture, above and beyond the money system, above and beyond trends and styles, has studied and tried to perfect a philosophy of control that goes back centuries. This bounty is then handed over by those above and beyond this System.

Through a systematic, psychological torture, those who are born individuals, become slaves to a mythological greater good, which boils down to merely servicing the State. People generally believe the State is a formidable means by which to develop people morally, to teach them to be virtuous individuals. Therefore, they believe the State is necessary to ensure people work towards virtuous and good means.
To believe the State is a means towards a more virtuous world is akin to believing the study of Justin Bieber lyrics could bring enlightenment. Albert Einstein once said the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Governments have been tried before, and the result is clear: they implement taxation schemes through straight taxes, fines and fees, which represent nothing more than theft. It is these government tools that have allowed Wall Street—a front for international demise-of-the-state globalist institutions—to conduct the largest wealth confiscation in the history of mankind in the form of money owed by future generations.

Occupiers know this. They know the solutions to their problems are not political, not through government. The first solution to all of our problems is a move away from the political. To simply become less dependent on the systems into which we were all born. Thus, first and foremost we must work hard, and save our hard earned cash in alternative monies, such as gold and silver, to stock up on necessities anticipating a further devaluation of the US Dollar—in other words, to build up our assets, viewing assets as everything from the aforementioned precious metals to food and water to toilet paper.

We must envisage our problems as natural problems, not political. The order of our community has a foundation in our natural. By design, politics is everything, as George Orwell said. But, in a truer sense, nature is everything. By embracing that which makes us human—such as empathy, ethics, love and consciousness—we can begin imagining how it is we can tear down the matrix and learn to be free.

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